How To Find Free Baby Products and the Best Baby Bargains in Australia

If you are thinking of buying baby products..... Stop!

How To Find Free Baby Products and the Best Baby Bargains in Australia

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"How To Unearth a TREASURE TROVE of.....
Baby Bargains, Discounts and FREE Products
in Australia"

Hi Jessica

My son Ryan is 11 weeks old, so it's been a bit hard to find the time.... however, your book was definitely worth finding the time to read - I loved it! I haven't read an e-book before, but I really enjoyed it, especially the web-links - they were the highlight for me as there were so many interesting and valuable sites that u had found (saving me time and energy trying to locate stuff...). It meant too that I could quickly follow-up on your suggestions, by just clicking on the link, instead of trying to make a note to follow-up "manually" at a later stage... this way, I really could save time, energy and money in a practical, "do-able" way, not just in theory....

I'm hopeless at bargaining so I found the "dialogue" of what to say and how to approach companies for a freebie really helpful. It was also great to have a list of companies to approach regarding freebies, as I would easily be put off if I approached the wrong company and didn't get a positive response... I really had no idea that u could get something for nothing so it has opened up a whole new world to me, that is very accessible!

I also loved the "money savvy Mum's guide to" sections, as I like making things, so there were lots of great suggestions to create home-made items and save money in the process. However, I thought it may have been helpful to have a few more illustrations or photos in this section, especially to better explain some of the hand-made items (I'm a visual person, so I find this helpful with instructions)

I thought the list of factory outlets were great, as well as the baby websites - you really have thought of everything, and made it so easy to find some great stuff.

Your book is fantastic - it was like a goldmine of fabulous ideas, advice, accessible freebies and money-saving tips... it was "un-put-down-able", especially with the web-links....

Tracey Woods,
Mum of 11 week old


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From: the desk of Jessica Furlong

Hi there,

Your baby is going to be the most precious gift you will ever get.

For a long time your whole world will revolve around your child and you will want to give it the very best of everything. Unfortunately, you will be overcharged, often without knowing it. That is why I created this guide.

Some time after our daughter, Clare, was born I quit the full-time corporate world to become a work-from-home mum. I am passionate about spending as much time with my daughter and this costs money.

Let me explain, when I am with her, I can't earn money consulting and I choose not too. However, to afford the things she needs and I want, I have become an avid bargain and free baby Products hunter and a determined negotiator.

I Guarantee That You Can Slash At Least
50% From Your Baby Expenses

That's a brave claim isn't it!. I can say this with confidence for three reasons:

  1. As a new mum, knowing what is essential to have, where to find it and how much to pay for it is critical. I didn't know that when I started out and it was only after about 6 months and $3132.68 later when I discovered I could have got the same goods for a fraction of that.

  2. Most Baby books give sound advice on what you could buy, but not where or how to to get it at the absolute best price

  3. Baby Manufacturers, distributors and retailers use advertising that preys on vulnerable "new parents"

You deserve the best deal for your child and I am going to show you how. Learn from $3132.68 mistake I made during my vulnerable "new parent" stage, my experience as a corporate negotiator and the wisdom of savvy bargain hunting mums who shared their secrets with me. Since then..

I Have Saved Thousands...

on baby goods, children's furniture and anything we have bought for the house applying the same simple techniques. A recent example is paying $35 dollars for Clare's annual ballet fit out instead of the $400 list price.

You'll Never Pay Retail Again!

Studies show that new parents in Australia will spend approximately $3000 setting up a new nursery for baby. Sadly most of the goods they buy are unsafe, overpriced and unnecessary. You will learn...


The proven step by step method to discover the best bargain baby product, baby clothes and baby furniture near you from the comfort of your lounge
Your 10 Golden Rules of Fearless Bargaining - when you don't have money to burn.
No-Nonsense Advice on what is really essential for your new baby as recommended by seasoned mums (not money hungry retailers)
Where you can find the best baby product reviews in Australia
100 places in Australia you can get baby designer wear at a fraction of retail price
How to profitably sell your baby second hand goods and get the best price. Discover what second-hand buyers are prepared to pay and how to profitably get the best price.
A simple technique that gets someone else to find you an even better price
The magic words that bring you an automatic discount from any supplier

FREE Baby Products and Samples in Australia,
Yours for the asking!

Americans are inundated with Free Product Samples and coupons. A little known fact is that you are able to access scores of the same things right here in Australia. Find out...


How to find the contact details of who can send you free samples of the products you want.
The exact dialogue you must use to get a manufacturer or distributor to give you free samples and/or products.
Which Australian baby products distributors give you free products (and which don't). Including pictures of what you could get.
What they want in return
Four things you must know to avoid Fake Scam Free Offers

Little-known Secrets from Money Savvy Mums

Most mums learn these gems too late-or not at all. Discover..

The intelligent way to fit out your nursery at a fraction of the cost
Surprisingly simple "make" your own baby product recipes
What are the baby essentials but more importantly - what you don't have to have
How to create simple enchanting infant toys, that will engage you both
No Nonsense Money-saving and Money-making ideas
How to have a Sanity Saving Social life after baby!

Become a Savvy Parent before your baby is born or before it is too old. Imagine the extra dollars in your pocket.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel and waste money (like I did initially). Everything is ready for you in a simple no-nonsense step-by-step guide.


In summary, here's what you get:

You get over a 137 pages of info-rich tips and a step-by-step methods to find the best deal and secrets to make you the best baby bargain and freebies finder in Australia. That's right, it is written by an Australian specifically for Australian Parents (and Parents to Be). It is packed with special resource links so that bargains are a click away.

It's really easy to get a copy. The book is in electronic format and downloads right to your computer. Print it out or read it on the screen, whatever suits you.

If you respond right away, you pay only $Aus 24.95 and because I am asked so often how I make money working from home, I'm going to throw in Immediate Money Immediately by net wizards Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel (It helped me so much I bought the resell rights)...

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  • Easy, straightforward and to-the-point methods

  • Powerful things “Internet Superstars” do every single day

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Even When You're Starting From Scratch!" 

There are both "beginner" and "advanced" techniques in this powerful 15-page bonus "Special Report". You'll discover how they both "started from scratch" and what they learned along the way. Particularly interesting is the simple - yet frequently overlooked - six-step process that will capture the attention (and cooperation) of major list owners to help you launch your own Internet business -- at no cost to you!


Bonus #3: "The Single Greatest Cause of Failure While Doing Business
on the Internet... and How to Avoid It!

Yes, it's an attitude... and most people have a total "blind spot" when it comes to seeing how this attitude is getting in their way. They don't pull any punches in this straight-talk 9-page bonus "Special Report" - you'll understand what not to do, as well as learn the four causes of online business failure. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to navigate around this problem and keep your business steaming smoothly ahead!

Because "Enriched Baby Secrets" is a new book I wanted to make it an unbeatable deal (limited time only see below), that's over $50 dollars value for only $24.95. I know that's too low (my accountant keeps on telling me), but the internet has reduced distribution costs. Depending on how it goes, we may only continue this special package for a limited number of buyers.

Think about your return on investment here - less than two weeks supply of Disposable Nappies. You get 2 books for the price of 1. One focused on saving money, the other focused on making money.
365 days 100% Unconditional
No Risk Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by the strongest, most ironclad guarantee you'll ever see in print. You get a 365 days, no questions asked, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee. Yes, one full year to try out "Enriched Baby Secrets".

The risk to deliver is entirely on my shoulders. You risk absolutely nothing. Because if you don't think you can save money or get free products for what you paid for the book - then I truly want you to send it back for a full refund of every cent paid, no questions asked. Just email me. I only want happy customers.


That's about as fair as it gets. A treasure-trove of bargains, discounts and freebies are yours to steal now!

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As a first time Mum, I didn’t have a clue where to start and what to buy. Baby magazines and catalogues are just full of too many things (information overload!) and I didn’t know the purpose of half the items advertised, but they looked good! ... gives you a good, unbiased starting point and references if you would like further information or more research.
I really enjoyed reading the book. Particularly , the chapter on making your own baby products. The recipes are so simple and appear easy to make. But the best thing is that they save you money, which is great when you’re down from two incomes to one.....

Suzanne Saadeh
Pregnant Mum
Manly, NSW

Easy reading, lots of tips and hints especially for the first time Mums or Dads. Free baby product bonanza! A must read...

Sook Smith
Mum of two, North Manly

I found this to be a great lil book! Helpful and informative..

Tammy Walker,
Mum of Seven, Tasmania

I look forward to hearing from you and telling me about how you have built your baby's trust fund with all the extra thousands of dollars you have saved and the money you have made starting your own internet business. I'd love to hear success story!


essential baby product signature

Jessica Furlong

P. S. Hurry! As this book is its first release the $24.95, you will be one of the first to take advantage of the proven Enriched Baby Secrets with my 100% unconditional, 365 day money-back guarantee! That's 12 whole months to decide whether or not this info packed guide helps you to get the best bargains and freebies in Australia. You just can't lose - unless you ignore this opportunity.

P.P.S. This 2 for 1 offer ends when or launch is over (first 100 copies) 100, 69, 42, 29, 18, only 0 left!

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